Gum Disease Treatment

Capabilities of Dental Lasers

  • Gum surgeries without use of a scalpel or sutures.
  • Periodontal treatments to determine location of gum infections, kill infection, excise excess tissue, and improve aesthetics of areas affected by periodontal disease.
  • Treatment of cold sores and aphthous ulcers (canker sores) for immediate pain relief.
  • Reduction of tooth sensitivity for comfortable drinking, eating, and oral hygiene.
  • Root canals that are highly successful.
  • Cavity detection at even the earliest signs of decay.
  • Cavity removal that is thorough and precise.
  • Tooth preparation for veneers or crowns. As lasers cannot remove metal, we may need to use a laser in combination with a dental drill to prepare you for your new dental prosthetics.
  • Many other minor soft and hard tissue procedures…if you're interested in laser treatment, simply ask Dr. Pyun if your case could benefit from laser application.

Dr. Pyun and his team are so confident in the potential of dental lasers that we have built our practice around delivering laser treatment. No amount of reading about dental lasers can compare to the experience of actually receiving laser dentistry. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to discover the laser difference.